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Expert Private Lessons for Your Digital Success

Welcome to Digital School, where we believe that anyone can succeed in the digital world with the right skills and support.


Our private lessons are specially designed to help business owners break through the barriers that hold them back, such as fear of technology and lack of knowledge.  We offer a wide range of digital and technological skills, taught by experienced instructors who are passionate about helping people achieve their goals.


Our aim is to make digital learning an enjoyable and empowering experience, allowing everyone to express themselves with ease and pleasure. Join us today and start your journey towards digital success!

Why learn with us?

Personalized Learning

At your own pace

Focuses on a specific topic at a time

Practical and can be applied on your business right now

Helps reduce technology anxiety 

Provides clarity about your next step

You get knowledgeable about the how to’s

Our lessons

Create your own podcast

A step by step tutorial on how to produce your own podcast. From strategy through content creation, recording, editing, storage, distribution and marketing. By the end of the session you’ll have a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to know on how to record your first chapter.

Price: 84 USD

Manage your Facebook profile

How to create an effective presence on Facebook that drives sales, manage and maintain your profile and create authentic content. 

Price: 84 USD

Content strategy

How to create inspiring content that establish an emotional connection to your brand as well as increases sales.

Price: 84 USD

Manage your Instagram profile

How to create an effective presence on Instagram that increases influence and drive sales, manage and maintain your profile and create authentic content. 

Price: 84 USD

Manage your Linkedin profile

How to create an effective Linkedin presence that increases brand exposure. manage and maintain your profile and create authentic content. 

Price: 84 USD

Create with canva

How to use canva to create spectacular graphic designs that will boost your brand's visibility. Captivating posts, story, slide shows etc. 

Price: 84 USD

Digital course

All you need to know to create a digital course that sells. How to find that idea, create interesting content, where to upload and how to market and sell it. 

Price: 84 USD

Marketing gantt

How to create an effective marketing gantt to boost your brand visibility and keep you motivated and organized, knowing your daily tasks. 

Price: 84 USD

Customer journey analysis 

Learn to anticipate your customer needs and wants, how to improve your website and social media to meet your ideal customer needs and create great user experience that will increase sales.

Price: 84 USD

Reels and video editing

Basic techniques for shooting, editing and adding captions for shorts, reels and youtube long videos.

Price: 84 USD

Market your e-store

How to market an online store, strategy, tactics and ideas to help you increase sales.  

Price: 84 USD

Marketing funnel

Learn how to create and implement strategic and effective marketing funnel for your business. A funnel that warms your followers and turns them into customers. 

Price: 84 USD

What Our Clients Say

Michal Peles

I would like to strongly recommend a private lesson with Rebecca,
I booked a lesson on marketing Gantt and she sorted it out for me
She explained patiently and professionally. I left the meeting calm, focused and knowing what to do

Work with me

Hi, my name is Rebecca Yaacov

A digital strategy consultant. I founded the school for private digital studies, to help any business that gets lost or feels stuck in digital marketing, social media, content creation and any other technical topic in the digital world.


By providing knowledge, practice, and technological aid so that small business owners could create digital presence that they feel comfortable with.


How to book?

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